Dad Challenge

Fatherhood and working life – mission impossible?

Fatherhood and working life – mission impossible?

What is Dad Challenge about?

We think every dad should have the right to have both: a fulfilling career and a close relationship with the child. Healthy work/family balance benefits the employer as well: a happy dad is also a motivated and productive employee.

Father-friendly leadership promotes equality for both men and women. This is what Dad Challenge is all about. Employer, it’s time for Dad Challenge!

Why Dad Challenge?

One quarter of men in their best working years experience difficulties in reconciling work and private life*. That is too many. In a good workplace, dads are not expected to prioritize work at the expense of family. Parental leaves and remote work, part-time work and taking care of a sick child should be commonplace for mothers as well as for fathers. Rearranging workload due to paternity leave is just as easy as it would be for a vacation.

In the end, it’s culture that makes a workplace dad-friendly: it is more than just single practices or conforming to the minimum legal demands. A father-friendly workplace is also an equal workplace.

To whom?

We now look for forerunner employers to join: employers who understand the importance of father-friendly leadership. Perhaps you are already developing equal culture and practices that help attracting and retaining the best talent. These best practices will be shared throughout the journey.

We don’t trust that politicians will change the working life into more equal and family-friendly direction. This change must begin at workplaces. Join us!

With regards

Dads behind the idea: Mike, Aku, Tommi and Juho
Initiators of the campaign: TEK, Siili Solutions and Knowit
and Team Fambition

*According to a recent study over 26% of men aged 38-57 are experiencing difficulties in reconciling work and private life. Report by Aula Research in spring 2017 (n= 1,800, employers and employees as respondents).

We know the future of working life

Initiators of the campaign

We are committed to changing Finnish working life more father-friendly.
Now we are challenging other employers to do the same.

Tekniikan akateemiset TEK

Jari Jokinen, toiminnanjohtaja

Siili Solutions Oyj

Timo Luhtaniemi, toimitusjohtaja

Knowit Oy

Ville Särmälä, toimitusjohtaja

Dads behind the idea

Dads behind the idea

Dad Challenge was our ambitious idea
and Fambition helped to make it happen.

Mike Arvela
Mike Arvela

Mike Arvela

Head of Culture

Aku Karjalainen
Aku Karjalainen

Aku Karjalainen

Communications Specialist, TEK

Tommi Koivisto
Tommi Koivisto

Tommi Koivisto

Game Producer, father blogger

Juho Toivola
Juho Toivola

Juho Toivola

Worklife Psychologist & Futurist

How to join?

How to join?

So you want to accept the challenge? Congratulations! We need more courageous employers like you who are willing to develop by listening to their employees. Dad Challenge is not just words but a commitment to real change. As a participant you will get exactly the right solutions to make your workplace more father-friendly. Dad Challenge will culminate on 31 January 2019 in the Next Level Forum where success stories and best practices will be shared.

What do you get?

– Company logo on the campaign website
– Your participation will be celebrated in Dad Challenge social media channels
– Right to use Dad Challenge logo and photos in your own communication
– Father-friendliness self-evaluation to your HR
– Phone consultation with Fambition’s HR and Communications experts based on the self valuation
– Two tickets to the Next Level Forum on 31 January 2019 (value à 200e + VAT 24%). The program of the forum will be announced during November 2018.


950 euros (+24% VAT)

Sign-up your workplace by email to: laura.ronnholm(a)

Joined already

These employers has already answered YES for Dad Challenge. Will you join too?